Free Raccoon Removal for our Remediation clients.

Free Raccoon Removal for our Remediation clients.

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We are licensed to control nuisance wildlife in the following counties: Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, and Morgan Counties

We are licensed to control nuisance wildlife in the following counties: Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, and Morgan Counties

Free Bat Inspections for our Remediation clients.

Free Bat Inspections for our Remediation clients.

Repair & Restoration

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Wildlife Removal & Repair

We are the first and last nuisance animal control company you will ever need to call. Wildlife Removal & Repair, LLC, provides a complete solution to commercial and residential wildlife problems throughout the greater Indianapolis area including not only Marion County, but Boon, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, and Morgan Counties.

We provide professional animal removal, no matter the animal. Any damage done can be repaired by us. Any animals in your attic, crawlspace, walls, or lawn can be removed by our technicians in a professional, timely manner.

Scam Alert: There is a company in the Indianapolis, Greenwood area using ultrasonic devices to repel raccoons from attics. This company is installing these in attics and crawlspaces charging $300 to $500 and telling people this will get rid of your raccoon problem.

The problem with these devices:

1. In most cases, they don't work on raccoons.

2. If they do work, its battery operated. When the battery dies, no more noise and the animals return.

3. If it did actually work, the entry points get repaired, the device is removed, the raccoons return because the device was removed and makes a new entry point and you're stuck with this problem again. Why did they return you ask? They returned because the animals weren't removed from the area and your attic/crawlspace is their home.

You work hard for your money, so please consider your options and don't waste your money on a company that's not going to work hard for you. Hire a true  professional. If you're having raccoon problems, the only way to solve that problem is to trap and remove the animal from the area. This way, they can never return.



"Joe and his guys did an amazing job of capturing 2 raccoons and repairing their damage. The initial inspection was thorough and the explanation of the damage was very detailed. Once the quote arrived, it was very competitive (our insurance company..."

- Brett K

"There is not a bad word to say about this co.! Unfortunately, I have had to have racoons removed and repair work done in the past and used a co. that did not do a thorough job, which resulted in racoons returning, and causing much damage to..."

- Veronica B

"I can't imagine how anyone could create anything but a glowingly positive review for Joe Thorpe's services, at least as it relates to animal control and removal services at our home. He seems somewhat young for his level of experience and and..."

- James B

"Wildlife Removal and Repair repaired extensive damage done by raccoons in the attic to include removal of all old insulation, repair of heating ducts, repair of access points, sanitizing the attic, and installation of new insulation. Joe and..."

- Edward S

"Desperation forced me to call for help! My daughter had already captured 7 mice. She was also hearing noises in the attic. It was time to call in a Pro!!! The owner inspected the attic and found visible signs of squirrel using the attic..."

- Elizabeth L

"Set traps for four entry holes where squirrels were chewing into the house, checked traps and removed animals, and repaired damage. Member Comments: Joe Thorpe is thorough and professional. He listened to my concerns. He and Dawn..."

- Kelly E

"Repaired & restored attic after racoon damage. Also did roof repairs Member Comments: It went very well. They were very professional from start to finish. They assessed the situation initially, sent pictures of what they had found...."

- Carol T

"We were referred to speak with Joe at Wildlife Removal and Repair from a neighbor who had used him and spoke highly of him. We had bats in our attic and he was able to remove them and keep them out. Joe was easy to work with and did a great..."

- Ryan M.

Wildlife Removal & Repair LLC

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